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Hello and Welcome to my Food Space!

I’m Ping Joven. I have a sweet tooth and tooth fairy has been generous to me since I was a kid LOL. I’m not a talented cook nor a baker, but my parents are great cooks. So I guess it all started with them why I’m here in the food biz. (And of course Food Network and YouTube channels.)

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Growing up, we live in difficult times and my parents cook for a living. When I was a kid, I mostly stayed in the kitchen more than playing outside. Aside from the divine smell that comes from the dish that makes me want to stay in the kitchen, it’s the angry voice of my Tatay that brings me there in an instant. LOL… Nanay teaches me how to prep the ingredients on a daily basis. And I do believe that I developed my knife skills through the years. It wasn’t my choice to play with knives and peelers as a kid, but I have to, I needed to help Nanay in the kitchen. Eventually I became a master in dish-washing. (wow ang taray ni mamang kung ang iba dyan Master sa Kusina, ako naman Master sa Hugas Pinggan… LOL…)

And now I’m married to a loving and supportive husband and a stay at home wife. I have a lot of time experimenting in the kitchen. We both have the same passion for “FOOD”, We love eating and cooking, but not as good as our parents. With the help of good recipe from our Family, food channels, cook books and fellow foodie netizens our cooking journey becomes better and better and even yummier. By learning to cook and bake at the comfort of our small and not so organized kitchen (in short gumagala ang mga kaldero‘t palayok ko…LOL), I am proud to say, “Oh Yes!” I can cook good food now and I’m happy to share this delightful and sweet recipe with you guys.

My food blog wants to inspire food lovers and aspiring home cooks like me to learn quick and easy recipes. It’s never too late to have fun in the kitchen right? (As long as you keep the flame at the bottom of your pan you’re good, higher than that you’re in trouble madam, you’d better switch fun to run… LOL). Enjoy your food and share it with your loved ones and hopefully this recipe will help you start your own food business or food blog/vlog.


Thank you for taking time visiting my food space. I hope that you’ll find here the recipe you are looking for and will please your palette as well.

Let your cooking and baking journey begin!


  1. Hi Ping,
    Have you ever thought of exporting your products to the US? Especially your mamon .
    If ever you have plan, please let me know. I import foods from the Philippines.

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