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Avocado Sorbetes Recipe


How to make a Smooth and Creamy Avocado Sorbetes Recipe

Avocado Sorbetes Recipe. A perfect and simple avocado sorbetes recipe, so please don’t throw your overripe avocados because we can turn them into a delightful summer treat. This Avocado Sorbetes is made with cream, sweetened condensed milk, salt, citrus juice and rich avocados. The texture of sorbetes is smooth and super creamy because the avocado has a high fat content. To make your avocado sorbetes look bright in color we need to add some citrus juice to prevent the avocado flesh from browning and a food coloring to get your desired green color but this is optional.

Serves 8-10

avocado ice cream 2

Avocado Sorbetes Ingredients:

  • 2 Ripe Avocados, mashed or scooped
  • 1 tbsp. calamansi juice or any citrus
  • 2 packs (250ml) nestle cream, well chilled
  • ½ cup sweetened condensed milk
  • A pinch of salt
  • green food coloring, optional
  • Cashews, roughly chopped for toppings (optional)
  • Chocolate Syrup, (optional)

Cooking Procedure: 

  • To prepare the sorbetes, wash avocados and slice discard the pit. Scrape the avocado flesh using a teaspoon or a shred peeler and places it on a desired pan, and add the calamansi juice. Add in 2 packs (@250ml) chilled nestle cream, a half cup of sweetened condensed milk and a pinch of salt.

avocado sorbet prep1

  • Mix the avocado with an electric mixer until smooth and incorporated. Taste test the avocado mixture if you wish to be a little bit sweeter just add a little more from the remaining sweetened condensed milk and mix again until well blended. You can do it manually with a whisk if you want, but I find it easy and fast using a hand mixer.

avocado sorbet prep2

  • Cover with a lid, plastic or anything and freeze until partially set about an hour or less. Take off from the freezer and mix it again with the electric mixer until smooth, cover and freeze for another hour. Again, do it for the last time and freeze until it is ready to be served.

Here’s our 5 simple ingredients in making avocado sorbetes: Cream, Condensed Milk, Avocado, Calamansi and Salt.

avocado ice cream 1
This fruit is so good that can be eaten as it is no need to add sugar or anything. Actually avocado is not sweet, but rich and creamy, a perfect fruit to use for milkshakes, desserts, dips and even savory dish. 
avocado ice cream 4
You can serve plain avocado sorbetes like this if you want pure rich avocado flavor. 
avocado ice cream 3
 Or you can serve Avocado Sorbetes more delightful, by adding cashews for crunchy texture and a drizzle of chocolate syrup on top, promise its surprisingly good and addicting. 

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  1. yummy! What a healthy dessert! Good for the skin!! 😀

    • Hi Mona, you’re right avocado is healthy for our skin but ice cream not so much. But what I like about making this ice cream is that I can adjust the sweetness and a great way to save our ripe fruits that are often thrown away.

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    • Hi Lauryn your kids will drawn with this avocado sorbet if you serve them with chocolate syrup on top. I wonder if sprinkles and mallows complements with this sorbet but i guess anything fancy will surely a big hit for kiddos!!

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  27. Hello — just tried this avocado sorbet , and yes it is very good. Can I make a suggestion though.
    Please give a measurement to the amount of avocado , i.e. 1 cup ,2 cups etc in proportion to the other measurements that you listed. We have different sizes of avocados here in Toronto , I am sure all over the world , just so to make it consistent. like your ube receipe , it has a measurement for the ube. Just a suggestion.
    Again , thanks

    • Thanks for visiting and I do appreciate your suggestion. I make sure to give the exact measurement next time, but that was a medium size avocado about 3 to 3½ cups.

  28. Healthy and Yummy avocado! 🙂

  29. I hadn’t thought about using avocados like this. Sounds refreshing and flavorful though. Thanks.

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