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Leche Flan-Macapuno Shake Recipe

How to make Creamy Milkshake Recipe.  Leche Flan-Macapuno Shake Recipe. A sweet and creamy super addicting shake to make and enjoy. To prepare this Shake all we need is to blend all ingredients and add frozen ice cream to make it thicker. This drink can be served at any time of the day. It was a lazy Thursday morning and the ...

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Melon Yogurt Smoothie Recipe

How to make a Melon Yogurt Smoothie Recipe.  A Delicious Melon Yogurt Smoothie Recipe. Don’t let the summer heat burn you down, throw yourself a special treat and taste this healthy fruit, melon yogurt drink.  To make this smoothie all you need is a good quality ripe Cantaloupe “Melon”, a plain yogurt, ice cubes and honey or sugar. This delicious ...

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Buko Pandan Drink with Sago Recipe

  How to prepare a delicious and refreshing Buko Pandan Drink. A Creamy Buko Pandan Salad Drink that is so good and refreshing. It is also one of the most popular and well-loved street food drink here in the Philippines. This particular drink is made with fresh young coconut strings, pandan-flavored gulaman, condensed & evaporated milk, water, sugar and ice cubes and for ...

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Avocado Ice Candy Recipe

  How to make Avocado Ice Candy Recipe.  A Milky and Creamy Avocado Ice Candy Recipe. This ice candy is made with fresh Avocado, sweetened condensed milk, fresh milk, powdered milk, water, sugar and vanilla extract. And to make it extra smooth, we added a cornstarch solution. Combining 3 kinds of milk in this recipe makes the ice candy super ...

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Watermelon & Banana Yogurt Smoothie Recipe

  How to make Watermelon & Banana Yogurt Smoothie Recipe.  A Refreshing Watermelon and Banana Yogurt Smoothie. Here’s a delicious and a beautiful looking summer drink, you should try this recipe it’s very easy to make and super refreshing. This watermelon & banana yogurt smoothie is made with fresh and juicy sweet watermelon, ripe banana, good quality plain yogurt and a sugar. Prepare this ...

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Milky Melon Sago Drink Recipe

  How to make Milky Melon Sago Drink Recipe.  A Delicious Milky Melon Sago Drink Recipe. A refreshing sweet milky melon drink to enjoy this summer. This is a popular Filipino pampalamig drink and it is made with fresh shredded melon, evaporated and powdered milk, cold water, sugar, sago and gulaman.  A simple combination of fruit & milk drink that you can’t resist, kids ...

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