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Caramel Bread Pudding Recipe

How to make a delicious and super moist Caramel Bread Pudding Recipe.  Caramel Bread Pudding Recipe A Popular Filipino merienda that everybody loves, so here’s my new bread pudding with caramel syrup and almonds. This recipe is a great idea to salvage leftover breads. This pudding is made of stale bread cut into cubes, then, soaked in a light caramel-custard mixture. Which is ...

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Jolly Peach Tart Recipe

How to make a buttery and yummy Mini-Peach Tarts Recipe.  Jolly Peach Tart Recipe Jolly Peach Tart Recipe. This beautiful miniature tart is made with a perfect buttery tart crust and not too sweet. These tarts are filled with creamy custard filling, top with peaches in light syrup, decorated with quartered cherry, a mint leaf and glazed with peach flavored ...

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Cream Cheese Tarts with Peaches Recipe

  How to make this delightful and addicting Cream Cheese Tarts Recipe.  Cream Cheese Tarts with Peaches. These perfect mini-cream cheese tarts are so heavenly and creamy goodness in just one bite. This delicious dessert is made only with few ingredients and layer such as graham or vanilla wafer for the crust, then filled with cream cream and custard mixture and baked. These ...

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Butter Cookies Recipe

  How to make a simple and delicious Butter Cookies Recipe.  Butter Cookies. Here’s a super basic and simple butter cookie recipe to try this weekend with your kids. These mini-cookies are buttery, crumbly and not too sweet. It is made with a few ingredients such as butter, flour, starch, powdered sugar, milk and vanilla. This basic butter cookie dough is ...

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Ube-Langka Sponge Cake Recipe

  How to make a perfect and moist Ube-Langka Cake.  A moist and delicious Ube Sponge Cake Recipe. A two-layer ube sponge cake, filled with ube fudge and sweetened jackfruit, covered with ube flavored whipped cream, top with jackfruit jelly hearts and decorated with fondant mini flowers. This violet cake looks beautiful, the sponge cake is so moist and delightful. ...

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My Lemon Square Inipit Recipes

A delicious and beautiful desserts using Lemon Square Inipit.  My Lemon Square Inipit  Recipes. Today is my first time to join a dessert competition, it’s about creating desserts using Inipit from Lemon Squares. The challenge of using Inipit in making dessert makes me excited and it drives me crazy. I have a lot of ideas that comes in my mind and honestly, ...

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