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Ube Maja Blanca Recipe

  How to make a simple and delicious Ube Maja Blanca.  Ube Maja Blanca Recipe. A popular Kakanin, well-loved coconut dessert and one of the easiest recipes on Filipino dessert to make. Maja Blanca is basically made with Coconut Milk, Sugar, Corn Starch, Sweet Corn Kernels, and to add a new flavor we infused it in Ube extract and to make ...

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Pandan Biko with Latik

  How to make a simple and delicious Pandan Sticky Rice Cake recipe.  Pandan Biko. Today we’re going to make a popular Filipino delicacy, “Biko” which is also known as “Filipino Sticky Rice Cake”. And this time I’m going to make a Pandan flavored Biko.  Pandan Biko is made with sweet glutinous rice, water and salt and simmered or steamed until the rice ...

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Carioca Recipe

  How to make a perfect and crunchy sticky rice ball recipe.  Carioca. A delicious deep fried kakanin rice ball made from a few ingredients, skewer on a bamboo stick and serve with coconut sauce and toasted sesame seeds. This sweet and sticky glutinous rice ball is one of the famous street food, snacks here in the Philippines. The Carioca dough is a mixture ...

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Fruity Maja Blanca Recipe

  How to make easy-to-prepare Fruity Maja Blanca.  Fruity Maja Blanca. The classic maja blanca is originally made from only three simple ingredients fresh cocomut milk, cornstarch and sugar. As time passes by, cooks are becoming more creative and inventive in the kitchen and eventually come up with different versions. There’s Maja Blanca with crushed peanuts, Maja Blanca Mais, and many more. ...

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Bibingka na Galapong Recipe

How to cook Filipino Bibingka Galapong. Special Bibingka na Galapong Recipe is a traditional Filipino kakanin, a baked rice flour cake with soft, slightly dense, moist and tasty.  This rice cake called ”Bibingka”  is usually made from rice flour, coconut milk, fresh milk, eggs, sugar, coconut strings and margarine. The old-fashioned way of cooking bibingka is cooked in a clay pot lined with banana ...

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Pichi Pichi with Cheese Recipe

How to make a delicious Pichi Pichi with Cheese.  A Classic Pichi Pichi Recipe – is a Filipino dessert made from Cassava also known as “Kamoteng Kahoy”. An all time favourite delicacies which is popular here in the Philippines. This is a Classic Pichi-Pich recipe, very easy to prepare and made from a few ingredients such as grated cassava (fresh or frozen), sugar ...

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