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Ube Pastillas Recipe


How to make easy and delicious Ube Pastillas

Ube Pastillas Recipe. Pastillas is a delicious and famous Filipino delicacy here in the Philippines. This chewy, soft milk candy is originally made with a few ingredients such as fresh carabaos’ milk and sugar. From these two simple ingredients and easy way of cooking this addicting Pastillas de Leche become an instant hit in the market and eventually it is one of the most popular pasalubong treats here and abroad.

Nowadays, there’s a lot of variation of pastillas that are available in leading supermarkets and pasalubong centers. Some creative cooks come up with different milk substitutes like sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk or powdered milk and they even try adding flavors and try different techniques in making this creamy milk candy. Aside from the original Pastillas de Leche, they come up with Ube Pastillas, Langka Pastillas, Pastillas de Mani, Banana Pastillas, Macapuno Pastillas, Cheese Pastillas and so much more.

Today, I wanted to try the Ube Pastillas version, since I bought an ube from the organic market during the Panaad Festival. I got this huge Ube for only Php 50.00 per kilo. I can’t wait to try this recipe, so here’s a simple and easy way of making this creamy and milky goodies!

Makes : 54 Candies

ube pastillas 1


  • 2 cups grated ube or boiled & mashed ube
  • 1 can (300ml) sweetened condensed milk
  • ½ cup refined sugar

You also need:

  • Bond Paper and Colored Paper (Papel de Hapon), for wrapping  or
  • You can use paper liners & clear cellophane, for wrapping

Learn how to make Ube Pastillas from our video :

Cooking Procedure:

  • First, you need to clean, peel and slice the ube and put it in a large casserole with just enough water to cover the ube. Pre-boil ube over medium heat until tender. Strain in a colander and let it cool down completely before mashing. For a sweeter and smoother version use ube halaya and add 1 cup powdered milk for extra creaminess.

ube pastillas prep1

  • In a non-stick casserole or pan, combine ube and sweetened condensed milk and mix with a wooden spoon. Cook over low heat and stir constantly to avoid the mixture from burning. Constantly mix the ube until becomes thick, smooth and shiny. (A little bit time consuming because it needs extra attention, but for the love of Pastillas, I’m holding on to my wooden spoon… LOL) When your ube mixture doesn’t stick to the pan and starts to form soft dough you’re done, fire off.

ube pastillas prep2

  • Transfer the ube pastillas in a greased pan (I’m using a brownie pan) and flatten the entire mixture using a greased spatula or any similar utensil that you find easy to use. Set aside and let it cool completely before cutting into bite-size pieces. Using a greased knife, slice ube pastillas according to your size preference. Roll pastillas lightly with sugar and shake off extra sugar. Repeat until you’re done with the ube pastillas and set aside.

ube pastillas prep3

  • Measure the size of your pastels (Mine was 1cm x 6cm), bond paper (7.5cm x8cm) & colored paper (10cm x 13cm). Wrap on prepared wrappers: First, wrap pastillas in bond paper, then cover with a colored paper or cellophane, twist and tuck both ends to seal. You can also use paper liners and clear cellophane for a fancy wrapping.


Just like Polvoron, Pastillas has become an all-time favorite and there is a huge demand, especially for balikbayans. Another home business to venture if you’re looking for an extra income, try making them and sell it online, in small canteens and sari-sari stores. You can sell them in packs by 6 or by a dozen. 

ube pastillas 2.

You can also make Pastillas as a giveaways at a kid’s party.  Pastillas have a short shelf life when stored at room temperature because of the milk content, it’s better to keep them refrigerated for a longer shelf life. 

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