Rocky Road Icebox Cake Recipe

  How to make a mouth watering frozen dessert Recipe.  Rocky Road Icebox Cake Recipe  A 3 layer chocolate flavored graham crackers, filled with cocoa flavored whipped cream with condensed milk and vanilla. A super rich and creamy chocolate icebox cake full of goodness. All you need is to whip the cream, add some almond and cashew nuts, a generous fluffy ...

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Black Forest Icebox Cake Recipe

  How to make a mouth watering frozen dessert Recipe.  Black Forest Icebox Cake Recipe A 3 layer chocolate flavored graham crackers lightly infused with rum, filled with whipped cream, condensed milk and vanilla. Top with chopped maraschino cherries, milk chocolate shavings, dusted with unsweetened cocoa powder and finished with whipped cream swirl and cherry on top. This easy-to-make dessert is ...

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the parenting patch 100giveaway

PingDessert’s Cash Giveaway

Welcome to PingDessert’s Cash Giveaway hosted by The Parenting Patch and sponsored by  Filipino Recipes by One lucky reader of The Parenting Patch and the other participating blogs will win one (1) X. To enter for your chance to win the PingDessert’s Cash Giveaway, simply use the following entry form. Good luck! Entry-Form The PingDessert’s Cash Giveaway is open worldwide. Giveaway ...

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melon yogurt smoothie 1

Melon Yogurt Smoothie Recipe

How to make a Melon Yogurt Smoothie Recipe.  A Delicious Melon Yogurt Smoothie Recipe. Don’t let the summer heat burn you down, throw yourself a special treat and taste this healthy fruit, melon yogurt drink.  To make this smoothie all you need is a good quality ripe Cantaloupe “Melon”, a plain yogurt, ice cubes and honey or sugar. This delicious ...

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fruit jelly shot dessert 3

Agar & Fruit Jelly Shots Recipe

  How to make a Fruity Gelatin Dessert Recipe.  Agar & Fruit Jelly Shots Recipe. It’s summer time once again and making jelly desserts is easy, fun and cool, a perfect treat for kids. A mouth-watering, fruity, and healthy gelatin desserts served in shot glasses. All we need is a Agar powder, mix with water and bring to a boil and ...

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pandan biko 1

Pandan Biko with Latik

  How to make a simple and delicious Pandan Sticky Rice Cake recipe.  Pandan Biko. Today we’re going to make a popular Filipino delicacy, “Biko” which is also known as “Filipino Sticky Rice Cake”. And this time I’m going to make a Pandan flavored Biko.  Pandan Biko is made with sweet glutinous rice, water and salt and simmered or steamed until the rice ...

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cookies n cream cake 2

Cookies and Cream Cake Recipe

How to make a simple Cookies and Cream Cake with Whipped Cream Frosting and Oreo’s Cookies and Cream Cake Recipe.  Here’s a special treat for Oreo lovers like me, a super moist chocolate cake with cookies ‘n cream filling in the center and topped with crushed cookie crumbs, mini-oreo’s and a drizzle of ganache on the sides. All we need is a ...

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Banana Cake 2

Banana Cake Recipe

How to make a delicious Banana Cake with Whipped Cream Frosting and Nut n Chips Crumble.  A Perfect Banana Cake Recipe.  A delicious, moist and not too sweet Banana Cake Recipe. Another recipe that you should try, it’s very easy to make and a great way to save and use your overripe bananas. This cake is obviously made of ripe banana (LOL) ...

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