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Buko-Melon Salad Recipe


How to make Buko-Melon Salad 

Special Buko-Melon Salad Recipe. A delicious and mouth-watering Buko-Melon Salad, this creamy salad is made from fresh melon, fresh young coconut, sago or gulaman with sweetened coconut cream dressing topped with ice cream. A very simple and light salad dessert to serve at a feast.  I got this recipe from Alaska it is very easy to prepare and it’s worth a try. Another Filipino tropical salad dessert to enjoy this Christmas.

Serves 12

buko - melon salad 1

Buko-Melon Salad Ingredients:

  • ¾ cup Alaska condensed milk
  • ¾ cup or 1 pack (250ml) nestle all-purpose cream
  • ½ cup coconut juice
  • 1/8 cup cornstarch
  • 4 cups melon, “cantaloupe” diced and drained
  • 1 cup shredded young coconut meat, drained
  • 1½ cups cooked sago pearls or unflavoured gulaman, or nata de coco, drained
  • Vanilla ice cream, (optional)

Cooking Procedure:

  • Cook sago or gulaman according to package, if using sago or nata de coco drained well and set aside and if you wish to use a gulaman let it set completely and diced smaller than the size of your melon. Wash, peeled and dice the melon and drained the excess juice and same with the young coconut shred and drained as well, reserving some coconut juice then set aside.

buko-melon salad prep1

  • Heat condensed milk and cream in a pan on a low heat and stir to mix well let bring to simmer. Dissolve cornstarch in reserve coconut juice and add into your cream mixture. Simmer over low heat until it thickens and forms a ribbon when you lift the spoon. Let it cool completely, stir occasionally to cool down and to avoid the cream from scorching.

buko-melon salad prep2

  • In a big salad bowl combine diced melons, coconut strips and cooked sago pearls, gulaman or nata de coco and toss in cooled dressing. Chill for at least 4 hours before serving. Serve in dessert glass and top with a scoop of vanilla or melon ice cream and enjoy!

Fresh Melon, Young Coconut Meat and Unflavored Gelatin waiting for the dressing to cool down . . .

buko - melon salad 2
It’s a perfect day to make buko-melon salad since Melon is in season, it’s cheap and you can see them everywhere. Melon is commonly prepared as a shake, ice cream, salad desserts and eaten on its own, as a fruit dessert.
. buko - melon salad 3
Melon is also known as “cantaloupe” it is very sweet and juicy with a little hint of bitterness that cuts the sweetness of the coconut cream dressing.   A simple mouth-watering and elegant salad to prepare and enjoy.  

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  1. my fave during christmas.. Fruit salad. I just want to ask about having a melon in the salad. I just noticed that everytime i put melon on the salad it tastes bitter. 🙁

    • Hi Joy, yes melon is sweet and juicy, but it has a bitter taste so I recommend you to make this kind of salad in small portions. Just enough for the occasion because the longer it sits the bitter it becomes. This melon and buko salad is so refreshing and I don’t think you’ll have any leftovers 🙂

  2. Such an interesting salad! I’ll bet the flavor is wonderful! Good stuff – thanks so much for this.

  3. i never tried yet this before…! so excited to have this prepared this Christmas..!

  4. i tried it so many times.and its very yummy

  5. This recipe is right up my alley..it sounds delicious..two of my favorites coconut and cantaloupe.

  6. sherry ann gole cruz

    one yummy recipe!

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