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Grated Coconut is obtained by grating fresh coconut flesh. To make your own, first open the coconut by tapping firmly on the center with a blunt end of clever until it cracks. Crack to separate the coconut and drain the coconut juice. Place the coconut halves in moderate oven for about 15 minutes until flesh shrinks away from the shell. Remove the flesh and use a vegetable peeler to shave off the skin and grate it in a food processor. This yield about 3 to 4 cups depends on the size of you coconut. Freshly grated coconut can be purchased in any Asian Markets.

fresh grated coconut

Coconut cream and Coconut Milk are widely used in Asian desserts. While freshly pressed coconut milk has more flavour, coconut cream and milk are now available in cans that are quick and convenient to use. Consistencies vary depends on the brand. Mostly canned coconut are in cream you have to dilute in water to achieve coconut milk.

canned coconut milk

Thick Coconut Milk is obtained from coconut cream by diluting by half with water Thin Coconut Milk is half again as diluted as thick milk. If preferred, you can make your own from fresh grated coconuts. For fresh Coconut cream, add ½cup water to the grated flesh of 1 coconut, let it soak for a few minutes and squeeze with both hands over a strainer or strain in a cheesecloth. This yields about ½cup of coconut cream. Thick Coconut Milk is obtained by adding 1 cup of water to a grated coconut flesh, which yields about 1cup.

fresh squeezed coconut milk1

Thin coconut milk is obtained by adding another cup of water to the already pressed coconut flesh and squeezing it a second time, this yields 1cup.

fresh squeezed coconut milk2

Toasted Coconut, can be obtained by spreading  grated coconut flesh on a baking sheet and bake it in the oven at 175C (350F) for about 5 minutes or until golden brown. Or toast dried or desiccated  coconut in a skillet until golden brown.

desiccated coconut1

Dried and Desiccated coconuts are also available widely in supermarkets.

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