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Top Filipino Desserts for Christmas


Christmas is the one time of year we have a great excuse to really indulge on delicious food and drink. From spicy and sweet mulled wine to the traditional fruity Christmas cake, there are so many delicious desserts to be had.

If you’re throwing a Christmas party and you are looking for some fun festive recipes to try out, then look no further because we have here the top 8 great Filipino dessert ideas for you. So why not get in the Christmas spirit by listening to some Christmas tunes while you finish off your game of Cheekybingo, before reading our Christmas recipe ideas below.

These recipes are ideal for serving to party guests because they are not only really easy to make, but they are quick to prepare as well. In addition, you can make them in advance which means you’ll have more time to spend getting ready, decorating the house and getting in the Christmas spirit!

filipino christmas desserts

Here are the Top Filipino Desserts for Christmas;

1] Red Velvet Cupcakes are so striking with their brilliantly red color, kids will surely love it.

2] Chocolate Leche Flan Recipe  Leche Flan is a Filipino delicious custard dessert. It’s made from eggs, sugar and milk “Leche”, but this one has little twist we added a little chocolate.

3] Broken Glass Dessert Recipe An all year round dessert that looks great on the Christmas table because of its colored gelatins.  Kids will love the wiggly texture of this dessert.

4] Sapin-Sapin Recipe is a Filipino multi-colored and multi-flavored  layered sticky rice cake. It is made from glutinous rice mixed with coconut milk and sugar which is then divided three parts, the purple with added purple yam flavor, the yellow color with and the the third part is just left plain.

5] Bibingka Recipe is a lightly sweet, moist rice cake made from rice flour with coconut milk and traditionally cooked over charcoal in a banana-leaf-lined clay pot

6] Black Sambo Recipe is usually a two layered gelatin dessert made of creamy milk and chocolate. You can use different molds, any shape that you like.

7] Cassava Cake Recipe with shredded coconut is a very popular Filipino dessert recipe.  Cassava Cake is sweet, dainty and tasty, it is great with coffee.

8] Buko Pandan Salad Recipe is an all time favorite Filipino Salad dish served in almost every kind of party in the Philippines, it is believed to have originated from Bohol.

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